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616 A magician is very happy because he has got a job on the Titanic.So he gets on the ship, and that night he does his act in front hundreds of people but doesn't get very far for his parrot keeps giving away the answers"It's under the table.It's up his sleelve.It's behind his back." The magician goes off the stage very depressed, and this happened again and again and again until one night, unfortunaly, the ship hit an ice­‐berg and sank!Luckily, the magician and his parrot escaped in a lifeboat.They sailed on and on for days without seeing anyone, and through all of this time, the parrot had a look of total confusionon his face and didn't utter a single word.The magician thought that the parrot must be sick of hunger, until one day when the parrot said. "O.K. I give up.Where have you hidden the stupid ship???!!!!"

617 A man is driving to work and is called on his mobile. It's his boss saying he's been promoted. The man is so happy his car wobbles in the road. A little while later there is another phone call and he's been promoted again. He is so happy he swerves into the middle of the road and back into his lane. Later there is another phone call. For the 3rd time he is promoted. He is so overwhelmed with joy that he swerves off the road and bangs into a tree.

A passing car stops and a man gets out and says "Are you alright, what happened?" and the other man replies "I 'careered' off the road."

618 why did the mermaid blush because the seaweed!

619 Why did the muddy chicken cross the road twice? Answer: He was a Dirty Double­‐Crosser!

620 Why did the dog cross the road twice? Answer: He was trying to fetch a boomerang!